JCM - the husband of my dreams! I have amazing friends and family, one cutiepie puppy (RIP Princess) and 3 BEAUTIFUL girls, and one amazing mini JCM - JPM - my blessing and gift from God! We have also added our Diva Baby M to the mix and she is everything - my little princess who is already starting to shake up the world!

I believe in positive thinking and not stressing the things that stress me out. It took me a long time to grow up and I still have more growing to do. I love my family more than words can say. I have also realized true friendship, accepted those friendships that are now lost, and embraced the ones that will never cease. We can never go back, only look forward. I’ve recently gotten to the “Whatever” point…you get whatever you put out into this universe, if you don’t like it, whatever. Karma – enjoy it. 

I am a mom to an amazing little boy and baby girl - there are no words to describe the feelings I have as a mommy. Being a stepmom to three wonderful girls is amazing but actually giving birth to a little person is beyond words. I adore my son. I have two super cute pups. My soul mate (my husband) makes my world go round. He lets me be me. Brings out the positive in me and doesn’t enable the negative. I like things that make me laugh uncontrollably! I hate (yet love) to be tickled. I love to shop and love girly things but I’m not afraid to get dirrrrty. 

Me and the Hubby

I have too many shoes and not enough bags and do not like to share closet space. I now love mornings because its snuggle TV time with Tiny. I love laughing and love sleep and coffee and junk food. I most of all love life…why don’t you join me?

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