Wednesday, December 28, 2016

See ya Later 2016!

About a month ago I got to thinking about how 2016 wasn't such a great year for me. I mean it was filled with blessings and amazing things like me growing my personal business and the birth of our daughter, but it was also filled with some seriously challenging times. My daughter was sick for about the first half of 2016, we had family challenges in the second half, and we had to balance going from a full time family of three, to a full time family of five - that can be stressful - both emotionally and financially! And don't even get me started on the whole election...

Then a couple weeks went by and I started seeing all these posts on social media about how everyone couldn't wait to say 'Boy Bye' to 2016. Which got me thinking about how shitty the year has been for a ton of people I know.

I have had family and friends diagnosed with cancer. My friends and family have buried husbands, wives, siblings, loved ones, and dear God, their children. Marriages have crumbled, life savings vanished, and countless other unfortunate events that have turned 2016 in the perpetual year of turd balls.

Overall my adult life has been pretty good and I honestly do not have much to complain about. I am healthy and happy and blessed with supportive and loving family and friends - but it doesn't mean that I am not ready to say hello to 2017.

I become pretty emotional and sappy as every year comes to a close. I feel older, sometimes wiser, and often times closer to achieving many (OK a few) of my goals. So I share with you one of my goals for this year to come:

I promise to do whatever it takes to make 2017 an amazing year - both for myself and for all whom I love. I am going to start the year off giving - I will try and make an extra phone call to an aunt a week or pick up a coffee for my hubby on my way home from errands. What better way to receive than to give whole heartedly? I want to be a better person this year by forgiving a little more, loving a whole lot more, and giving what I can - even if it's just a smile - to someone who needs it an deserves it.

I also promise to try and watch less TV but I am already so excited about January's lineup - oops!

So join me as we 'Bye Felicia' 2016 right on out of here and welcome one of the best years yet! Blessings to you all!!

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