Thursday, November 10, 2016

So Trump is the Next POTUS?

So, that just happened huh?! I will preface this post with the fact that I voted for a third party candidate, as I generally tend to do. I didn't vote for Trump OR Clinton - so keep any angry comments to yourself.

 I am not a political expert by any means so I can't even begin to wrap my mind around what's to come but I do know that I am praying. I will say that while I am extremely disappointed in our choice, I am also hopeful. What else am I supposed to be? I am hopeful that Trump will remember he is a father and that his daughters could go on to run this great country some day. I hope he remembers the progress that has been made regarding women's rights and honor the fact that we can choose what we do with our bodies and that we are EQUAL - in every way shape or form. I mean we 'run the world' right Bey?! I have hope that he takes a moment to think about me when he makes his decisions. Thinks about a mom who works her ass off to provide for my family. A family that consists of five children (albeit three full time), a dog, and a kick ass husband who suffers from a disability he obtained while also working his ass off. A human being that has anxiety about raising compassionate and kind humans who will go on to change the world. I stress about bills, college funds, and what to make for dinner in under 30 minutes. I represent so many of America's citizens so I hope and pray he thinks of me.

What I am also hopeful for is for America to come together and unite after this election. We have a new President. We have to stand together and support our new POTUS and give him a chance to prove us wrong (or right if you are a supporter). He needs the opportunity to do right by us. We are supposed to be kind, open-minded, flexible, and empathetic and we need to be KIND TO ONE ANOTHER.

I am hearing of so much crime being committed by alleged Trump supporters. Crimes against Black people, crimes against Muslim people, crimes against the LGBQT community etc. etc. This cannot happen. We cannot digress 70+ years, and this does not happen overnight. If you are a parent and you are not teaching your kids that we are all equal then try and do better. Think back to the time your ancestors came to America or to the New World if your family has been here a while. Unless you can without question trace back your roots to the Native Americans, then you too have immigrated to this fine country. Regardless of where you came from, we are all humans.

Let us all (and I mean each and every friggin one of us) come together and support this great nation! Cut the shit people and love one another because love conquers hate. If Trump, Clinton, and Obama can all treat this with grace and poise, so can't we. United we stand...divided we fall.

And to the protesters: be peaceful and calm and keep fighting for what you believe in. Keep your hands to yourself and don't damage property - you know, the basics.  I'm here sipping wine trying to not freak out OK?

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