Monday, November 14, 2016

Life Has Gotten Easier

In the light of the election, I find myself saying thanks for a whole lot of things in my life. I have also been on this serious Audible book kick and have listened to over 10 books within the last few months. I highly recommend it. I don't have a ton of spare time to read but I do spend time driving, and cleaning, and cooking and when I do, I try to multitask by listening at the same time. I also feel like it's the balance to my addiction to all things Real Housewives and Bravo (don't judge me).

I went out to dinner last week to celebrate two of my girlfriends' birthdays and found myself sitting across from a new mom who I had met once before while we were both pregnant. Her daughter is 6 months old and mine is 9 months. We got to chatting and swapping pics as well as tips and tricks and it was great chatting with her. We talked about how HARD raising a child can be, especially a newborn baby. We shared our daughter's blessings that can sometimes make our lives insanely challenging. We talked for a while and I think we both left that restaurant feeling a little bit better about life. I hope she has renewed faith that it does get easier and I felt an immense sense of relief knowing that I was not alone. It also was great just chatting with another open minded mom who many times said "Oh gosh that's a great idea I am going to try it!"

As my Madeleine is now mobile and crawling everywhere, our challenges are of the baby proofing kind and keeping her safe. She is happy and healthy now and life feels back to normal. We have her on a very specific formula and medication. It's what works for us and I am happy to report that she is now enjoying yogurt and cheese and loving every bite.

Looking back a few months I never would have thought that we would be here. That I would be taking her with me grocery shopping, that she would go out to dinner with us and that she would laugh out loud! Believe it or not, she barely laughed until about five months old and now, she giggles constantly.

We have also managed to dedicate more time to our son, who ever so graciously took a back seat while Madeleine was sick and never asked for anything from us. We also have added another big (yet fantastic) change to our family. My middle step-daughter now lives with us full time and is a freshman in high school! She moved in this past summer and has been my saving grace let me tell you! Going from one child full time to three full time in a matter of months has not been without challenge but the blessings WAY outweigh anything else.

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