Monday, June 13, 2016

To My Kids, From Mom

We live in such a scary world and more and more I find myself so ridden with anxiety that I have to constantly pray about it. My husband and I decided to bring two little children into this world and sometimes I think it may perhaps be for my own selfish reasons. The desire to fill the urge to be a mother without thinking of the world they will be raised in. A world filled with anger and hate but I promise to show them love and to show them that only light can drive out darkness. So I 'pen' this letter to my kids and hope that someday I can fulfill each and every promise...

I promise to always hold you close.
I promise to always tell you how much I love you.
I will promise to kiss boo-boos and patch you up when you have scrapes.
I promise to always pick you up when you fall.
I promise to try my hardest to lead by example and be a version of a person I would be proud to become.
I promise to always demonstrate compassion and to teach you not to judge others.
I promise you that when I am tough on you its because I have a plan - a plan to make you a better human being - tough love sometimes is what you will need.
I promise to say sorry when I am wrong.
I promise to be your parent when you need me to be and to someday be your friend when you are ready.
I promise to teach you to have faith and to believe in our Lord, the Lord that shelters and loves all.
I promise to listen.
I promise to support you.
I promise that I will do everything in my power to protect you and when I can't, God will be there. Because he always has been. He gave you to me and held your soul before I held your body and I am confident that even when daddy and I cannot be there, you will always be protected and guided.

You both have a piece of my soul and always will.

Hold your loved ones close for tomorrow is never promised


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