Thursday, May 5, 2016

Parenting is 90%...

Ever heard that saying 'One is plenty, two is twenty'? Well I feel like it couldn't be more accurate. I do have a bunch of kids and maybe it's feels so crazy because Baby M has struggled her first few months of life but sometimes I feel like it takes everything I have to get dressed and look like a normal human being - sorry hubby!

I was just thinking the other day how I repeat the same phrases over and over in my house.

'Wash your hands.'
'Did you wash your hands?'
'Finish your supper.'
'You're not getting up until you finish your supper.'
'You aren't eating anything else because you didn't finish your supper.'
'Get your fingers out of your nose.'
'Did you flush?'
'Wash your hands.'
'Did you poop today?'
'Yay you pooped!'
'The baby is sleeping...shhhhhhh.'
'Not right now.'
'Clean up your mess.'
'When I finish my coffee...'

Sound familiar? It's like these phrases are on repeat...constantly. And I don't always say them just to the kids...the hubby has heard me 'shush' him a gazillion times. Anyone else?!

But...the best phrase of all however is 'I love you...' In the midst of the chaos and the madness, we tell each other we love each other more than anything. I may have spit up on me and my hair a mess while writing a report and sipping coffee while holding a three month old and not being able to remember the last time I showered but...this house is filled with love...always.

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