Wednesday, May 11, 2016

An Open Letter to Justin Bieber

Dear Justin

My teenager step-daughter adores you. Like to the point that at one stage in her life I thought she may need a justirvention. We are passed that phase thank sweet baby Jesus but, she still loves you. Through the arrests, bad choices in women, and even those bad hair days.

And before you even say, "oh you're just some old hag mother." Kourtney Kardashian? Yeah, she's 37. I'm 34. EOD.

OK so you posted a message to your people on Instagram yesterday:

Let's chat about this. I am not famous so I can honestly say that I cannot relate to how you must feel. And I can only imagine that being one of the most famous young men in the world is incredibly hard especially when your fans are crazed teenage chickies. But I do know that when people choose certain professions in life they also choose what comes with it. Pros and cons, right? I know that my life in marketing comes with insanely long days during our conference season, but I also get the flexibility of working from home when I need to. Pros and cons. I know that life in the limelight is like living under a microscope where every single person is watching your every move, just waiting for you to mess up. That must be hard, so hard. Which is probably why I chose to live life in the light of my computer screen - just thanks. 

But let's be real. You have EVERYTHING you have because of your fans. Those people who want pictures and who are now making you feel like a zoo animal. Like I said, I can't imagine how hard it may be, but those pictures are paying for your private jet. Those pictures are paying for your dye job. Those pictures are paying for your mansion. And those pictures are saving the lives of some teenage girls (and boys) who are holding on to life by the strings of your music. You are a public figure and your fans adore you. Be thankful for them. 

I understand not wanting to take pics - that's FINE. Tell your security no pics today and so they can keep back the masses. It's OK to just not feel it sometimes, but come on Justin, your fans have made you who you are today. Yes Ellen Degeneres had something to do with it but...

Think about your adoring fans and what must be running through their brains as they see you. I may act like a complete lunatic if I saw Channing Tatum walking the streets, let's be real. So have some compassion for your fans, a little bit of humility, and a whole lot of gratitude and you may find that sanity you are trying so desperately hard to keep. 

Oh and, put some god damn shoes on will you?! I may have walked barefoot once or twice to a cab after a night of dancing in 6 inch heels back in my 20's, but that was 2 AM and after some tequila and I know better now. I am not judging, just saying you could catch something...for real. Shoes. Or at least some damn socks...

A Boston Mom whose teen is coming to see you this week

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