Friday, September 11, 2015

Two years

So it has been two years since I last blogged. I have blogged professionally for my alter ego (non silly Mel) but two years for Rants and Raves. A TON has happened over the last two years as you can imagine. I know I say this as if no one else has an exciting two years but, for real, a ton. We finally saved up enough money (and got our act together) to move home! After nearly five long years in Rhode Island, we moved back to a great small town in Mass! I can honestly say I don't miss much about RI except for the 'Gagas' or Cliff and Debbie. Tiny (our son) really misses his Gaga's which is short for grandma/pa. - he couldn't say grandma/pa when he started talking so it was cut to Gaga and it has stuck ever since.

Our new home is sort of picture perfect - we have a picket fence (not yet white), a ton of space, a giant yard, and we are on a cul-de-sac which is great for the kids. I am so grateful that they can just go out and play and I don't have to be out front like a hawk-eyed mamma bear ready to pounce on anyone who flies by my house trying to beat traffic. Tiny and the girls just play for hours and I can say that I have spent my fair share of time out in the yard as well.

The move went super smoothly - thanks to me being a real adult and actually hiring movers. We had cable ready and set up the very next day and within two weeks we were totally moved in and settled - we couldn't have done it without our amazing friends and family!

It was also our first winter as homeowners and in case you forgot (or you live somewhere warm - jerk) we experienced Snowmageddon. God, it was AWFUL! I honestly have never seen anything like it in all of my 33 years and I am not even exaggerating as it was a legit, record breaking winter. We made it through, ice dams and all. Which, by the way, I didn't even realize are real thing - I had no clue they actually existed the bastards. My husband is a saint for putting up with my panic day in and day out through two months of hellish weather.

And now - we are winding down a fantastic and busy summer as we prepare for a new addition to our family! Baby M is arriving early 2016 and we couldn't be happier! I will be blogging about the nursery process and more as the weeks go by. She is going to be a lucky little girl as her momma has given up her walk-in closet slash office slash sanctuary so that she can have a bedroom. Darn kids, god forbid they have their own space, right?!

Anyways - we are ready for whatever life has to throw us and I promise to start sharing. From yummy recipes to WTF moments, writing gives me joy and I need to get back to that! I have spent two years intensely focused on my professional career that some things have fallen by the wayside and it's time for a change, however I am still insane about my career so expect some work related posts as well.

Here's to being back!

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