Monday, September 28, 2015

My Maternity Closet Essentials

Before I begin this post I just have to say a big thank you to my friends who have passed down  their maternity clothes so that I didn't have to go out and buy a bunch knowing this is my last babes...

With that, there are definitely a few maternity pieces that have become staples and I know will continue through the duration of my pregnancy. I am so happy that the cooler weather is here so that I can slip into leggings and sweaters - my favorite even when I am not preggers.

Below is a list of items that have become my staples. I like to mix my maternity clothes with regular clothes as you will see below. And also not on this list is a good sports bra - I'm sure you can guess why!

Yes Beth, leggings are pants...LOL. I have a few different pairs of maternity leggings and I think my favorite by far are the Old Navy brand. They are light weight enough and the panel on the belly is nice and comfy. I am a full panel kind of girl, the other cropped panel maternity pants give me this weird waist, not that I have a waist right now but, whatever - I don't like them ;-) They also have heavy weight leggings for the winter and I will be picking up a pair of those.

I love a comfortable tank top. I love to layer and wear these with leggings and a tunic or cardigan. Old Navy (again) has great ones that fit perfectly - not too short and with just the right amount of stretch. They are on sale right now too!
Yoga Pants: 
I work from home a lot so I wear a decent share of yoga pants. I love the basic Mossimo Foldover Yoga pant that you find at Target.  These are not maternity but with the fold over waist they are perfect. You can roll the waist up for full coverage or down - I love them! Of course because they are not maternity, they don't come with a maternity price tag!

I love the look of an oversized flannel with leggings and boots. I have a few different ones from the Gap and Brandy Melville but this one from Forever 21 seems to fit the bill. You can wear them open and let your bump shine through. Paired with a chunky scarf and I am in autumn heaven! Another item that isn't maternity but chances are you have one in your closet already and can keep wearing! The same can be said for oversized sweaters and cardigans that I love to wear.

A comfortable pair of maternity jeans is almost like an oxymoron right?! But, I think my most comfortable pair are from the Gap. They have a bunch of different styles so you are free to pick from whatever style you are most comfortable with!

What are some of your essentials?

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