Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tuck Away Office

My job allows me the extreme greatness of working from home which is awesome (and I am beyond thankful) but I really didn't have a 'spot' that felt like my workspace. We have an office/playroom/mancave but it's the main access point for our back yard and my hubby's workspace so that wasn't working out as well as I had hoped and I was just becoming unhappy with working on my bed. Not to mention that it just felt a little off on the Feng Shui level...

So I began looking for alternatives. Our bedroom is on the main level of our house and its pretty small so all of the wall space is taken up with furniture so even a small desk wasn't going to work. Finally my love for Pinterest landed me on a website that was selling this fold away desk that hangs on a small space on your wall. Well the only wall that would work in my bedroom was too small for the unit online and not to mention it was $200 (ew). Well...HUNNY!!

The words "Hunny I have a project..." must send shivers up his spine. I am telling you single ladies marry a man who is good with his hands ;)

So I showed the love of my life my 'inspiration' piece and off to Lowe's we went. We spent way less than the $200 inspiration and its done! We had to modify it to make it work because of the fact that the closet light switch is in the middle of it and I wanted it done 'ASAP' so I didn't give Jonathan enough time to work his magic. But this is amazing and perfect and I am so happy! I am going to add some spice to it soon - maybe some fabric and ModgePodge?

I picked up an $8 chair at my local thrift shop (which I plan on refinishing soon) and I am working away...very happily I might add!

Thank you hunny!!

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