Monday, August 6, 2012

Nail Trends for Fall

One of the great things about being a licensed esthetician is that I can go to the beauty supply stores and pick up the hottest and newest OPI colors! I cant even begin to tell you how many colors I girls absolutely love the fact that they always have new nail polishes to play with!

And as per usual, the change in seasons bring a new trend in nail colors. As I type this I must say that I am looking at my neon orange nails ;)

I have listed the colors to expect this foliage season as well as some of my own colors that you can purchase at your local beauty salon.

OPI Ink (left) RussianNavy (right)
Purples - the purples this upcoming season are darker and more deep toned than the pale and neon purples of the summer. OPI Ink & OPI Russian Navy

BuyBuyToykyo (left) NYPDBeet (right)
Rusty reds and burnt oranges - think fall foliage colors. OPI Buy Buy Toykyo

Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous
Metallics - not a ton of sparkle but more of a shimmer or chrome even.  OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

Here Today Aragon Tomorrow
Greens - deep military inspired hues. OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow

Suzi Says Da!
Browns - hot chocolate colors and iced lattes (these are some of my fav hues) OPI Suzi Says Da!

Deep berries - OPI NYPD Beet

Grays - flat colors CND Asphalt

Blues - think deep blues like navy blue or a dark royal blue, nothing too bright. This one I actually don't have...but I will soon!

What are you favorite nail colors??

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