Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Everyday Skin Products

I truly think that I was just blessed with decent genetics when it comes to my skin, thanks mom and dad. I have never really had problem skin, however since Tiny my skin has never been the same...a post for another day though!

Many people say to me "What do you use on your skin?" or "You're a professional you must use some expensive stuff for your skin." The truth is I don't have an expensive skin care routine at all. I use three products on my skin and that is it. Now that I have turned 30, I do plan on incorporating some more wrinkle prevention but for now it's pretty simple: cleanse, moisturize, protect.

For my cleanser I use 365 Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin. You can find this at your local Whole Foods and if you don't have a Whole Foods around you then Cetaphil at your local pharmacy is pretty much the same thing.

For my moisturizer I use DML Forte. This is a BTC (behind the counter) product available at all pharmacies through special order. It will run you about $10 for a tube of the cream or you can also purchase the lighter version Lotion but I prefer the cream because it's thicker and seems to work better for me. I use it all year round. Its hypoallergenic which is really important for me because I have sensitive skin and I am allergic to what seems like everything. It won't clog your pores, has no fragrance, and contains panthenol which is a highly effective moisturizing agent that can also help with healing. My doctor told me about DML when I was suffering from cystic acne years ago and I have been using it ever since.

Lastly is eye care. I am deathly afraid of crow's feet so I have been using eye cream for year - protect against wrinkles!!! I have two favorites right now and I am currently using Complete Eye Renewal Balm by Algenist. I have been using this since it was in one of my monthly BirchBoxes. My other absolute fav and I haven't decided yet which of the two I like best, but the other one I use is Strivectin SD. These are both pricey but when you are saving on everything else it sort of evens out. And sometimes you just have to pay for the best. Also, you only need a TINY bit of product each use (twice a day) so chances are you will need to purchase a new one because it has expired not because it has run out!

I had always suffered from baggy eyes and under eye circles but since I started using (one of the above) eye cream - GONE! I can honestly say both of these work wonders.

So that's it! Three little goodies. Pretty simple huh? And by all means I know these are not the best for everyone and I know there are many other great products - these are just what works for this chickie!

What works for you ladies?

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