Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goodbye Wicca

Dogs are my life. I love them, always have, always will. I also am a huge proponent of anti BSL as I have always had some kind of bully breed (Dobermans, Rotties, Akitas, Pibbles etc.). You always hear negative stories of 'PitBull' type dogs involved in some sort of crime or violent act. You don't always hear about the good things that they do. The lives that they have saved.

Wicca was a Pitbull who was loved by her owner Chris in Canada. Wicca actually saved her owners life by incessantly licking him when he nearly slipped into a coma induced by an infection in his neck. He was hospitalized for a month and made a full recovery. 

Wicca recently was put to sleep because a Montreal court deemed her a danger to society because she scratched a woman in a park. 

We need to raise BSL awareness and educate the public that PitBulls are just a normal dog, just like a Labrador, a Poodle, a Chihuahua...

RIP Wicca...I hope that your daddy changes the world in your honor...may no other dog die because of humans' ignorance. I am sure you will be waiting with that awesome Pitbull smile to see your dad again someday. 

From the Save Wicca Facebook Page:

"vWicca is a 5 year old spayed Am Staff AKA Pit Bull who is now making headlines due to the flagrant discrimination and unconstitutional treatment her case has received from the city of Montreal over an alleged bite. (bite or scratch has yet to be determined). Her owner was automatically served with a death order when the proper way to carry the law here is to serve the owner with a 90 day muzzle order and require that that the dog be evaluated until further notice. Wicca never got that and the request for such was denied by the court. There is now an entire legal team from Mc Gill taking this case on as well as a very determined attorney heading this eager legal team and Wicca's appeal is to be heard on July 25th. Not only will Wicca's case be the subject here but the entire subject of breed discrimination (BSL) and the questionable ways the city of Montreal applies these laws and by-laws as it pleases. Let us be clear here that Wicca DOES NOT even reside in a BSL area NOR this the minor incident occur in a BSL area. The city chose to press charges here NOT the woman who got slightly injured by a very spooked Wicca who was just reacting to that woman's fearful reaction of her. Wicca was on a leash lying next to her owner on a terrasse when this occurred. The woman did not notice Wicca until the last minute and reacted in fear. Wicca responded to her fear. Had this been any other breed.....we wouldn't be here right now fighting to save an innocent life!"

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