Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Atkins Friendly Iced Deliciousness

I love me a good iced coffee but I also occasionally like some flavor. Unfortunately once you start adding sweet yumminess to iced coffee you also start adding sugar and of course extra carbs. So several months ago I started searching for ways to make my daily cup of joe more interesting.

During one of my trips to Target I saw a sugar free Caramel coffee syrup with ZERO carbs. My new best friend. During the induction phase of Atkins I would drink coffee as a sweet treat and make a cup of coffee my dessert so this was perfect for me.

Add some cream and a teaspoon of the syrup, enjoy hot or iced! I make my iced coffee from instant coffee mostly and drink in my fav mason jars (old pasta sauce jars). Now if only I could find a blueberry flavored sugar free syrup...anyone know of any???


  1. Walden Farms No Carb Blueberry Syrup. Your 40lb post is inspiring...I'm a diehard meatarian and old school Atkins aficionado too! Tough for a chef, but the only thing that works for me! Congrats!

    1. Yay!! Thank you so much! Can't wait to try it!