Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend recap - lessons learned...

My Sobe <3
I had a pretty busy weekend. No complaints here but I bustled around a good amount but in the midst of everything that happened I realize that there were a few lessons being sent to me over the craziness.

On Friday March 9th my family and I had to put our dog Sobe down. After nearly 12 long years with us we made the heart wrenching decision to end her suffering and let her pass in peace... I remember the day I brought her home. She was a gift from an old boyfriend of mine as a graduation present from high school. My friend Sonia's sister had a litter of Akita pups and she jumped up on my legs (before any of her brothers or sisters even realized I was there) and I just locked eyes with her and knew - she was my dog. She melted the heart of my dad instantly. He fought me on the decision to get another dog for a long time. Our old family dog died very young of cancer and I knew my parents didn't like the idea of having to suffer heartbreak again...but alas he couldn't hide his happiness when she tripped on her way over to his lap. Instant connection - done!

After many a walk around the block and holes in dad's famous lawn Sobe became the BEST dog ever. She legit was bi-lingual and was just the epitome of perfection. She was friendly and affectionate in just the right dose each time...and most of all she filled the void for my parents when I left home. I wasn't allowed to take 'my' dog when I moved out nor would I have ever dreamed of taking her away from my parents. She had become my sister more than my daughter pup. When my dad worked long hours and I was busy growing up she was home with mom - every minute of the day.

Sobe lived a healthy life thank God. She never had any major medical issue and was just the easiest dog. About a year ago though things changed. She just reached the end of her natural life but of course we as selfish humans do what we do best and we kept her alive with medications and modifications. She was just old...12 is REALLY old for a 100 pound Akita - really old. I'll spare you the details but after we all realized we weren't being fair to her we decided to send her to the angels.

I was alone with her and sent her on her way. My sweet girl took her final breaths in my arms and as hard as it was to bear I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I spent some time with her at the vet before I left thanking her for being my best friend and my parents companion. She was the best. And in that moment I realized how precious the life of a pet truly is and their life is in our hands. She would have naturally passed long ago had we let it happen. I have a new appreciation for Princess and LilMan even through the 10 ruined beds and countless muddy paw-prints on my clean floor.

And I as a wound down last night on the couch with the hubby (after spending an amazing weekend with my gorgeous kids) watching a program on the death of a mother and daughter I realized how lucky we are to get up every morning and how truly blessed every single moment on Earth really is.

Life - so blessed.

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