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Worlds greatest lasagna...

Finished Yummaliciousness
 Well OK, maybe not the world's greatest but I have been told once or twice that my lasagna is to die for... I like to share lots of recipes but I was the baby of the family and don't like to share everything. I generally don't love sharing recipes that are close to my heart and I will never share old family recipes. This is one that's close to my heart but is just too good not to share. So here goes...hope you enjoy!

The turkey and the skim dairy ingredients make this lasagna healthier. For an super weight watcher friendly recipe use veggies like zucchini, spinach, more mushrooms etc instead of meat.

9-12 lasagna noodles
3 Tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
1 chopped white onion
3-4 cloves of garlic minced
1 cup chopped baby bella mushrooms
1 lb turkey meat
2 28oz cans of crushed tomatoes
1 6oz can of tomato paste
16oz part skim ricotta
1/2 Cup Low Fat grated parm
1/2 Cup Skim Shredded Mozzarella
2 cups of FRESH grated sharp provolone cheese (this is the key ingredient - I get my prov chunk at my local Italian grocer)
1 T of dried parsley or fresh
1/2 tsp of oregeno
1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes
Salt & Pepper to taste

Pre-heat your oven to 350. Cook your lasagna noodles according to directions on box and lay out on paper towels after rinsing with cold water when they are done cooking.

Put evoo in large frying pan and cook garlic and onions until onions begin to get see-through. Add your turkey meat (or the rest of your veggies) and cook until turkey meat is just about done but not browned. Add your tomato paste and cook for about 5 minutes on medium heat.

Add your crushed tomatoes, mushrooms, and spices and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 15 minutes - mixing frequently. After about 10 minutes of simmering I taste the sauce and add more spices to taste.

While the sauce is simmering, mix the ricotta and parm cheese and set aside.

Coat the bottom of a 9x13 lasagna pan (if you don't have a lasagna pan that's deep make sure you put whatever pan you are using on a cookie sheet as the sauce may boil out in the oven) with about a cup or so of sauce. Layer noodles on top of sauce, spread ricotta cheese mixture on noodles and top with provolone cheese - cover with sauce and repeat. Last layers are sauce then mozzarella cheese. 

Cover with foil and cook for 30 then uncovered for another 20. If you have a practically overflowing lasagna pan then just spray non stick spray on the foil before you cover it so the cheese doesn't stick when in the oven.

Prov left - ricotta mixture right
First layer complete
Ready for oven

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