Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Pinning Activities for the Weekend

Just call me Martha, Martha Stewart! HA! I love that I got to do a couple of crafty things this weekend. They were super easy and I couldn't be happier. Both of these crafts I found on Pinterest.

Glitter Covered Key
First was a glitter covered car key. I would have done my house key but that one is already blinged out with enamel and rhinestones (I bought it that way). So I had to do something with my boring old car key (well I didn't know I HAD to until I saw this pin!!) It was really easy. Basically I painted ModPodge onto the key then covered it in glitter. I did both sides and propped it on a paper plate so both sides could dry at once. I gave it about 30 minutes and I added another coat. Same process - ModPodge then glitter. Seal with two - three coats of ModPodge letting each coat dry at least an hour. Voila! Unnecessary amounts of bling - amazing!

Personalized iPhone
Next was my iPhone. Now I normally have the cases that are all rhinestoned up and glitterfied but I sometimes want something a little more demure and less in your face but I get bored SO often that I needed something different. I saw a Pin that was a clear iPhone case and you cut out craft paper so that it shows through. Any time you want to change the look you just buy a new piece of paper - or you could print pics out and cut it fun! I got the clear case for like $4 on Amazon and traced old paper I had lying around the house. Then I used an Exacto knife to cut out the camera hole. I am pretty pumped with it. No gluing no taping no nothing. I can't wait to switch it up later this week!

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