Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My thoughts on - kid leashes

Ok so this is a pretty controversial subject and I have been apart of many a debate on the topic. Now I must first preface by saying I am really sorry if I offend you with anything that I am about to say...so just stop reading now if you are worried that I will hurt your feelings if you use child leashes. And if you do - this isn't an attack on you it's simply MY feelings about it.

This country has been filled with ways to make us lazier - fact. I truly feel that these child leashes are yet another way of getting out of parenting the easy way. Your kids are NOT animals that should be leashed up. I get the argument "My child has ADHD and is wild and out of control (and bla bla bla) at Walmart and wants to run a muck!" I get that - I do. Now get me...BE A PARENT and discipline your child for acting like wild animals. Please stop using medical diagnosis for your laziness. I get that parenting is hard and that you are tired from working - I am too but I will not take the easy way out! I also get that some children do in fact need extra help and attention - but we are so quick to diagnose and treat the symptom and not the problem.

I remember the ONE time I walked off from my mom at a clothing store. I said one time - because you are damn right I feared her wrath after that and would neverrrrr do it again. I'm not afraid to admit it. I was slightly afraid of my parents and I want my kids to be slightly afraid of me. They weren't my friends or buddies - they were my parents. They were there to protect me and show me right from wrong and to instill fear when I was being a little douche. And they did a damn good job - without leashes. Don't listen at the supermarket? How's your ear feel being torn off your head because you failed to stay right up next to that carriage...

If you aren't ready to dedicate the time and energy into raising God (and parent) fearing children who do right by fellow man just take the pill or wrap it up or practice celibacy. Whatever method you choose is fine.

Disclaimer: if you are a close friend of mine and own a child leash please note: I love you still but will bust your chops every chance I can get about using a leash for your two legged pet - I mean child. ;)


  1. shit... I guess I should return Tiny's Christmas present...


  2. Finally, someone said it. Thank you!