Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Facebook - no no no...

So I came across a recent status update by someone, who will remain nameless, that really disappointed me. I mean I thought that this person had read my blog on Facebook do's and don'ts but apparently they didn't. Maybe it's because this person is young and immature but really, it isn't brain surgery people! Keep your personal drama off of Facebook. If you have family issues, don't talk about it on your wall!

Hey, I get it, we all have issues and we all want to put people on blast sometimes but it just isn't right or appropriate to do it in such a public way. Not to mention I don't care or want to see it! I would rather know what you had for dinner, that your socks don't match, your dog has smelly farts, or that you're bloated - really anything else. Why? Because it's shady and low and disrespectful and shows your true character.

I have to warn you - if I see it again I will delete you. No offense, I'm just too busy changing diapers, working, picking up dog crap, cleaning spit-up, washing bottles, cooking dinner, making out with my husband, to care about the nonsense that doesn't belong on my status updates.

Thank you! Truth, fact, and I'm out!


  1. Both of my dogs have smelly dog farts. I figured you would want to know. :)

  2. Haha yes! LOL! So dont mine...gross