Saturday, November 12, 2011

You know you're a mom when...

Man oh man! The things that I could fill this page up with. You know how I know you're a mom? Well when you get out of your car and wonder why there's a bib on the ground and then you realize it was attached to your behind for God knows how long and wonder why your hubby didn't notice - you know you're a mom.

When you wonder why your hair is suddenly all wet as it brushes your chest and then realize 'oh that's just spit up' - you know you're a mom. When the first thing and third thing and sixth thing you pull out of your purse while looking for that lip gloss is a binky, Orajel, and a teething ring - you know you're a mom.

And when you're so tired you could sleep through a tornado in the middle of a hurricane while hailing golfballs but you wake up when your baby makes the tiniest and softest little squeaks in his/her sleep - you know you're a mom...

And you know you're a mom when nothing else makes you smile more than looking into the eyes of your little bean <3

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