Saturday, November 12, 2011

My new addiction

If you are planning a wedding, a first birthday, a 30th party, redecorating a house, looking for a nice outfit to wear, or simply if you are BREATHING then you must, and I repeat must, get to This goes for men too because there's junk for you too.

My new bff
What the eff is Pinterest you ask? Well it's a virtual pinboard. Let me explain when I was moving and needed to decorate and furnish my new house and when I was planning my wedding I would do what most people do, browse the web and bookmark. Well one bookmark turned into like 352 unorganized bookmarks and I would be lucky to find the site I needed for that sash that I wanted on my dress. I would think "Gahd why can't there be like a picture of each bookmark so I can just see where I want to go on the web?!" ... HA read on my inquisitive little friend, read on!

And then it happened. One day as I sat with my hubby and bestie Bethie (and even Tiny) eating lunch the conversation turned to something that eventually ended with Bethie saying "Have you heard of Pinterest?" "What in the world are you talking about?" I asked, and the rest is history. I have a pinboard for everything from recipes to little cutesies I find for Tiny. It really is amazing. I even find it has replaced Google in many instances.

Welcome to your next addiction and affair. Now, please - heed with caution. When you sit down at the computer at 9am and the next time you come up for air is noon and you are wondering why your eyes are dry as chalk, your drooling, and you cannot remember your middle name - do not say I didn't warn you! Step away from the computer - your family needs you! But don't go for too long - I want your pins!

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