Monday, October 10, 2011

Your brain on baby

So we are lucky parents and we know it but no matter how awesome Tiny Jonathan is we are still parents of a newborn... I used to think preggo brain was bad (and believe me it was) but mom brain might just be worse. I didn't want to believe my friends who are moms but it's true. And did you know that pregnancy literally ends up killing some brain cells - no lie, legit truth. Something about the baby needing more of the blood flow that normally goes to the brain. Well this mom brain isn't sexist, dads are not immune to the DUHHH moments either.

Want to hear a little bit about how exactly this parent brain works...keep reading. The other morning I spent about 10 minutes looking for my black tank top. I would have bet money on it's location yet it wasn't there. I searched all my drawers and even my closet (which never contains tank tops) I mean I have a tank top drawer and it wasn't in there. Guess where it was? Oh yeah that's right - I was wearing it! Yep! ALREADY ON MY BODY... My husband was going to call someone on his iPhone, well he put the phone up to his ear to wait for a dial tone. There's no dial tones on cell phones...yeah. We are awesome. Tune into the new show 'Up All Night' for a similar look at our life LOL!

Love it!

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