Thursday, October 6, 2011

My new normal

I talk about the 'new normal' at work a lot and in my work blogs. So as I sit here eating my lunch I think about my new thought for my posts have shifted to from the latest Louis bag to hit the stores to the cutest baby clothes and, dare I say it? Poop! I swear I get excited now for poop. I have literally yelled 'Yay for poop!'...oh what has my life turned into. The best new normal I could have asked for.

While I am so thrilled with my bundle of amazing-ness, I wish that someone prepped me for certain things. No one tells you what really happens to your body immediately after child birth. I will spare you here but please if you are wondering, seriously, email me and I'll be happy to divulge! Also, I'm nursing and no one told me how much it would hurt - scratch that KILL! Not to mention how much work and time is dedicated to producing liquid gold for my little monkey. There's no time for anything else...between work, spending time with the wee one, cooking, pumping, and bottle prep I am lucky to get a shower in. Weekends now mean SO much more...

Spit up - it can projectile and so can't seats weigh a half TON with a baby in them...everyone and their gramma will try to touch your child whether you like it or not...your feet get bigger while preggo (and stay bigger)...cocktails are that much tastier now...

Well with all that said...I just cannot express how much I love toting all my Tiny's junk around and all the tripping over vibrating chairs and rattles. I forgive my little guy for what he did to my body and continues to do - he is worth it all. I'd do it over again for him in a second. Daddy and I are pretty stinkin' happy and lucky to have him. My new normal is so much better than my old normal.

<3Love :)

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