Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best Job Ever

So as you can assume, I have been pretty busy and haven't found much time to write. My little boy, Jonathan Paul, AKA Tiny, AKA JP is just the sweetest little thing ever but of course a lot of work. I'm a stepmom to three beautiful girls and I have been in their lives since the youngest was two, and many of my friends have small children so I was prepared for the amount of work. I wasn't prepared for how often my Tiny would eat however (I'm breastfeeding) but it's all worth it!

He is amazing and this is the most rewarding job in the world. Every smile I get when he focuses and recognizes me, every goo and ga as can't contain his excitement are the best gifts on the planet. Even the cries and wails in the wee hours of the morning just remind me that he needs me - as much as I need him.

That whole line from Jerry McGuire that has messed with the minds of countless women...I probably don't even have to say it but - 'You complete me' - has forced so many women into believing that a significant other can complete who they are as a person. While my husband completes my other half, my inner self was pretty much 'complete' already. Which I think allowed me to love him so freely. But the moment I laid my eyes on Tiny I knew that I was finally 'complete'. There was always a part that was missing I guess even though I didn't even realize it, he was the missing link.

As sleep deprived as I am and as rolly polly as I feel it is all worth it. I wouldn't trade any of this for anything - ever.

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