Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Essentials

So summer is here! You most likely have seen a bunch of different trends at your local mall and on the streets but there are a few staples that I would add to your wardrobe for the upcoming warm weather.

The Perfect Hat:
A great way to protect your precious skin from the sun is with a hat. While wide brimmed hats are still totally in, be on the lookout for cool fedoras as well. Look for light materials like linen and straw and avoid the traditional fabrics that fedoras are made of like wool. Old Navy has a super cute fedora that I am loving this season and at less than $15 you just can't beat it!

Chic Beach Totes:

You want to find a beach tote that's different than your traditional LL Bean. Think of a beach bag that you can take with you out on the town after a day lounging in the sun. Tory Burch has a super chic tote that I adore but is a tad pricey. Check Amazon and Newegg for other more budget friendly styles.

Bright Swimwear:
It's all about bold colors this season and why not add the color to your swimsuit as well? Think bright oranges, greens, and pinks...I love Victoria's Secret selection of colors.

Turquoise Jewelry:
Any turquoise jewelry will do but think big, bold and chunky! This is my favorite trend! 

Cute Flat Sandals:
Flip flops are not allowed! Well I mean I know they are still awesome but there are so many other kinds of cute flats out there. Check out these on sale at Old Navy for $20. You just cant beat it and they will definitely work for the beach and date night!

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