Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shop Suey Boutique

So if you know me you know I love to shop and I love boutiques for their stylish and ultra chic selection of accessories. Well I have been shopping over the past year at this online discount boutique called Shop Suey and I just have to share.

What Shop Suey is famous for is celebrity and designer inspired looks for a whole lot less. These aren't knock-offs, they are just inspired by the real thing. They aren't trying to say that these are the real thing at all which I like. I have the Samantha Satchel that I got for $58 (now on sale for $30!) which I love and is inspired from the famous Mark Jacobs bag.

I also have the Alyssa Sunglasses that I just got and adore! They are not cheap flimsy plastic frames. They are solid and feel like $200 sunglasses - well they were $15!

So get to Shop Suey ASAP. Be sure to sign up for their emails that contain new arrival info and huge discounts (like 20% off every order!). I got the sunglasses on sale thanks to an email promo code!


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