Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Weekend

Well I never thought I would be here...writing this at almost 41 weeks pregnant. I had convinced myself that my little monkey would arrive July 4th weekend - when it was as convenient as an impromptu visitor after getting out of the shower. Denial, denial.

I guess I should have known better this being my first child and being a boy (so I've heard) that he would have been late. Maybe if I wasn't in such bad denial I wouldn't have had such a tough time when the doctor told me that the hospital was booked up for inductions this week. Well Monday is the day and while I can't say I am looking forward to an induction, I can say I am so ready to meet my son and soooo ready to not be pregnant anymore.

This is the last weekend that I will feel awful. Here's a little list of things I took for granted prior to being pregnant:

Feeling my fingers as I type
Feeling my hands - period
Being able to roll over in bed
Seeing my feet
Fitting into my shoes!!!
Breathing through my nose
Not sweating from doing the most minor chore like brushing my hair
Hot showers (haven't taken a hot shower in 2 months - ice cold)

That's just a small list of the little things - LOL. But mainly - this is the last weekend I am living for myself. I know what it's like to think of others first but being a parent is different. I haven't made a single decision without thinking of my son first over the last 10 months and I cannot wait to see his eyes and see what I have been fussing over.

My next post most likely will be in a week or two and will contain some pics of the little one. I just can't wait. I don't even care what I have to go through to get him here - I just want him here. Healthy and happy.

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