Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our baby shower

So our baby shower was this past Sunday and it was so awesome. I loved seeing everyone - friends and family. Some of our guests we hadn't seen since our wedding so it was really nice to get everyone together.

We just wanted to thank everyone that joined us on our special day. Thank you for the generous gifts and for making me feel beautiful still - even though I feel like a whale!

Thank you to Leah (my sister from another mother), my sister-in-law and cousins who went WAY above and beyond in putting this together. My sister-in-law knows us best as was proven in one of the shower games :) - so fun! Kristen for my awesome diaper cake - I can just go on and on!!

My parents - thank you again for everything! We love you guys and cannot wait for you to 'spoil the sh*t' out of your grandson dad (thats verbatim too).

As with any event - thank you to those of you who showed your true colors. We'll never forget!


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