Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The eBay saga continues...

So as you may know - my hubby and I have been in a little fight with eBay. And as you may also know, I'm preggers - not a good combo here. Anywhoo, the crap show continues and we have yet to come to a result that we are all happy with. You will see in my most recent email that I am pretty annoyed - now because I have been lied to and I feel like eBay has tried to run a fast one on me - no thanks. Not this chick - try again.

So the buyer in question had 10 days to send me the wallet back. 10 days from the 18th is the 28th - well when you say 10 days, you mean 10 days right? Well I think you should and I also know that 11 days is not the same as 10 days. I am pretty sure that was a pre-school lesson - my unborn child probably even gets that. In an email from eBay I read the following "In this case, if the buyer fails to return the item to you 10 days after the date we have asked them to, We will be closing this case and you will no longer need to refund the buyer." I also spoke with the assistant to the President - we will call her 'Shelly' and she told me the same exact thing. So 10 days have come and gone...

Thanks again for removing that negative feedback. I just wanted to give you a heads up that its about 8pm here and 10 days have come and gone and we dont have a our wallet. So we just wanted to make sure that the case would now be closed and we would get our money back from the hold in PayPal. 
I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again for all of your help. Much appreciated!
Take care!"

Then we get this AFTER they gave the buyer her money back...

"Hello Melanie,

Thank you for your response.  As I stated we wait 10 days after tracking is entered to see that the item is returned, and it looks like the 10 days were up. The claim and UPS tracking information was reviewed today and they show that the item was delivered back to you.. That is why the claim was closed.

In prior communications I stated that we would check the claim and see if the item was delivered. If the item was not sent and confirmation showed that it had not been dropped at UPS then we would release the hold on your funds and the buyer would end up keeping the phone. During this process your buyer did not immediately ship the item back to you, but tracking showed that it was sent to UPS for delivery. When reviewing claims if the item shows as “in transit” we will usually wait an extra 48 hours to ensure that the item arrives at its destination, as the buyer did return the item. We would not use a ten day cut off point and release your hold knowing you would also have the item returned to you. The buyer would be out both the item and their money.

According to the UPS information it shows that the package was left at your side door. If the package is not there I would immediately contact UPS and find out what happened. If the package is there, once its opened, let me know what condition the phone is in and if you have any concerns and I will continue working with you.


Well we got our package a day late - on the 29th. The wallet was definitely not in the same condition that we sent it so that is pissing me off to no end and I have yet to hear back from 'Shelly'. And now she says they give people an extra 48 hours - so thats now 12 days? Oh not to mention we are supposed to receive seller credits for the NINE PERCENT that eBay charged us on the sale (that doesn't include PayPal fees on the sale - did you know eBay owns PayPal?). 

I am not stupid here - I know what I was told...why don't you pull the recorded conversations? I'd LOVE to share them with everyone...bring it 'cuz I am the equivalent to a rabid waddling giant penguin - on a good day too...ask my hubby what a pissed off pregnant chick looks like.

Stay tuned :) 

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