Friday, May 6, 2011

And the eBay saga - ENDS!!

Today is a GREAT afternoon! I have special news to report - after almost a full month of drama, eBay has finally refunded us our money for the wallet in question. I must say thank you to 'Shelly' for getting it done on her end. But I have to admit, had it not been for my tenacity and my sheer will to have what's 'right', eBay would have won here. 

So my most recent email to Shelly at eBay went a little something like this: 

Hi Shelly, 

Well I can say that I am disappointed in how this matter has been resolved. We did receive the package. It was at our side door as you mentioned. UPS never delivers to our side door which is why we stated we didn't receive the package. The phone  is actually a wallet however and was returned to us with rips. While the condition was definitely used, there were no rips and tears in the wallet. I am highly annoyed by this buyer as you can imagine. So now even if I want to re-list it, I can't get the same amount for it.
The fact that now you state you give an extra 48 hours is a little annoying. You stated that the buyer has 10 days to get it back to me - period. I am sorry - but I don't care if it's in transit - then do not tell your customers that and do not put it in writing. So she took her time, I waited, 11 days and now my wallet is not in the same condition I sent it in. So the ONLY person suffering here is me - the seller. The person who pays eBay all their money. I am very annoyed and I am sure that you can tell but here we are - practically a month later and I am the one suffering. 

So now what? Now I have a wallet that she clearly damaged in her attempts to get her money back and what am I supposed to do? 

I feel as though I have been more than patient and more than courteous and have done everything asked of me. Now what is going to happen for us?


Her response was...


Thank you for your response. I am sorry to hear that the item arrived damaged. I also want to apologize for the delay in my response as I was unexpectedly out of the office most of the week returning today. I want to address your concerns fully and make the situation right for you. Can you please send pictures of the damages that occurred to the wallet? I would like to review and see what I can offer you at that point.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.



Lastly, I replied with: 

Hi Shelly, 

I understand so no worries on the delay. Attached are three photos that clearly show the damage. I am not sure how the damage was done but it appears intentional. There was a card slot that was slightly damaged when we sent it and that remains the same so we aren't sending a pic of that. These rips/tears however were not there at all. 

I am still concerned with the fact that we have not been refunded our seller fees for this item and we were still very much so misled. I have shared my story with a few different contacts and the same is being said amongst them all - we were not told the entire truth - and how we are being treated is ridiculous. You have been very nice and I appreciate that but I know the truth was stretched and people were hoping that we did not catch on. 

Nonetheless, I am eager to hear what resolution you suggest for this matter. 

Thank you again.  

To which FINALLY we get: 

Hello Melanie,

Thank you for your response and patience. Please know that I have issued a refund to you for the full price of the transaction ($87.95). This refund will show in your PayPal account within the next 48 hours. I realize that you are unable to resell the wallet and profit from it due to the damage and wanted to make the situation right by you. I hope that this is an agreeable solution.

If you have any other questions, please respond and let me know. Have a great weekend.



I cannot believe it's finally over. The customer is not always right and finally this case can be closed and found in OUR favor. We didn't do anything wrong here at all - our patience paid off (as much as I don't have any lately) and we are left with at least our money back. 

Perhaps I'll save the wallet for our oldest - I'm sure she'll love whipping a Louis out when she pays for some Justin Bieber movie with all her BBF's!


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