Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We are human - hello?

So in a recent chat with a good friend of mine a really interesting and important topic came up...technology and humanites (a term I like to use to describe we people as we go about our business and forget that we are living and breathing beings and not iPhones, Droids, or robots). My friend brought up Easter and how four out the five people in the room were sitting and playing on an electronic device - from an iTouch to an iPad.

I remembered an evening out with my hubby and friends and how each of us at one point was playing with our phones while sitting at the dinner table - obviously not interacting with one another. So I am guilty of it too - I have cellphoneritis - an addition to using my cell.

I remember whacking my husband in the arm when the waiter asked him a question and he didn't hear him because he was overtaken by his cellphoneritis. Well let this be a whack to us all. Can we please just try and put these things down and have real conversations with one another. Do you even know what color eyes your bff has? Or have you noticed the really cute freckles that your significant other has after their first day in the sun? We are human and we crave human interaction - real feelings and facial expressions. We can do this!

Starting tonight I am putting my phone away after 7. No more Facebook. No more Words With Friends, no more Twit-twat. Come on everyone - join me!

Hunny get ready - I am hiding your phone!

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