Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On another note - thank you!

I am getting really excited about this baby and it is just showing me how much I have to be grateful for. We go around day in and day out and I feel like we really forget to say thank you. Well I want to start the day off right - so thank you!

Thank you to all of my friends for sticking by me through the years and for all the recent baby hand-me-downs I have gotten that I am so excited about! Thank you for easing my worries about becoming a mom and telling me I have 'nothing to worry about until he's old enough to drive then you can just blame Jonathan.'

I want to thank my family for everything. My parents for literally everything. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. I am really grateful to have such amazing parents and honestly I take back all my complaints about how my mom is too this and my dad is too that - well until tomorrow when I forget this post - kidding!! My cousins and aunts and uncles for being supportive and for knowing when I need a good laugh. Nina and Tete are the best cousins ever! Melissa - couldn't have asked for a better sis! My girls for showing me a whole new level of love I never knew - and a whole new level of patience too! I love my lil ladies so much!

Last but not least - my hubby. Have ya met him? He's pretty awesome. I mean any man that can put up with me (especially while crazy preggo) deserves some sort of award. Well I love him more than words and will save the sappiness for another day - but good God I am lucky!

I am just thankful for having everything I asked for - a hubby, house, job, dogs, amazing girls, family and friends - a great life. Thank you!!

Ask and you shall receive! 

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