Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My e-mail to eBay

You may already be aware of what's going on with eBay...this is the e-mail I sent them. Enjoy :) 

"Hi (ebay dude),

Thanks for getting back to us. We are extremely disappointed in the way that this case has been handled and with the findings. I tried on three separate occasions to call into eBay and speak to someone regarding our case and was told that I could not speak to anyone about it until the decision had been made. When the decision was made I called in last night and asked to speak to someone and was yet again told that I could not speak to anyone until the case was closed. Which is it Russell? I was told various things by various people and it makes us feel like we don't want to do business with eBay at all and take our business elsewhere - or perhaps create our own mega auction site. 

Not once were WE asked about the item by eBay. Not once were WE asked about the case by eBay. Not once did I speak to anyone who was responsible for making a decision on our case - yet the case was decided. How is that fair? I guess that's the mega fine print in the 8000 word Terms of Agreement that I overlooked when I fell asleep reading them at my PC when I signed up for eBay EIGHT years ago. Perhaps you can sense my frustration - well I hope it is coming across loud and clear. How can you make a decision about anything without obtaining all the facts? Are court cases decided by listening to prosecution only? You should probably be thinking 'Well gosh no!'. Well of course you wouldn't actually do that but that is what has happened here. 

I have been a member as you stated for eight years and have fantastic feedback and a score of 303. The member who doesn't know what auctions are about had a feedback score of what - three? The member who did not ask a single question about the item before bidding and paying - you side with them? And without even speaking with us first? We clearly state that we do not accept returns and that the item was in great shape. There is of course signs of wear and tear but how would you know without asking?

You state that you don't feel our intentions were deceitful - thank you very much for that. Our feedback score and ratings obviously prove that we do not attempt to defy and cheat our customers as we ourselves are fine customers. Well as a customer - I am disgusted at the way we have been treated by eBay.

I have a voice and I will voice it loud and clear. I have already blogged about this issue and will continue to warn the public about eBay - about the shenanegins that people do not know about. I feel like we have been cheated by eBay and regardless if we continue to use you or not - we will be sure that we continue to make the public aware of your deceitful practices. I don't care if I do not win my appeal or if anyone changes their mind about this case - I won't stop until your deceitful practices come to a halt due to public awareness and knowledge. 

Melanie Mathews"

Let's see what happens...

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