Monday, April 18, 2011

eBay RANT!!

So most of my posts are on the positive side. I am a pretty positive person and I generally do not like negativity in my life. Well today I am ready to let loose about a company that has done pissed me off!

You may have heard of a little ol' company called eBay, right? Well in case you haven't, they are the online auction monopoly giants that charge an arm and a leg to sell an arm and a leg and then WHACK you again when you try and get your money out of PayPal. As much as I hate these supergiants, I need to buy and sell stuff and really all there is available that's trusted is eBay so alas...

Well I most recently sold an old Louis Vuitton wallet of mine. It was old and used and I had no need for it. You may be thinking 'Why would you ever sell a Louis? You love Louis!" Yes, yes I do, but this wallet was too small yet all I could afford from Louis years ago. Anyways, my first baby sold for like $81. Well the person that bought the item was mad because it wasn't in perfect condition. Um, it was used as stated in my listing and as stated in my listing, no refunds or exchanges. They never asked a single question before purchasing the wallet. They wanted their money back because it's fake as she stated. Yeah, no. I have sold like three LV items and each and every single one of them was authentic and LOVED by the new owner thanks!

Well after my THIRD attempt to call eBay and speak to someone who actually can do something (no offense to the people in another country that answer the phones) I was told for yet a THIRD time that I could, legit, not speak to anyone that makes decisions. I am sorry, I've been a member for eight years, you side in favor of someone who has been a member for weeks and I can't talk to anyone? Who the heck do you think you are? This is how you treat your customers? I basically have to wait until my case is completely closed before I can SPEAK to a human regarding my case. Unreal. The story goes on and on but I'll end it here.

Well eBay - get ready. I am going to show you what a pissed off pregnant chick is all about. Get ready for a new eBay that actually realizes that customers aren't always right (whoever made up that line anyways?) and doesn't try to rape you in fees.

I'm pissed - yep. And I am ready to take this all the way! Have ya met me?!?!

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