Saturday, February 5, 2011

Growing up

As the days go by and I count down the seconds that we learn what we are having (yes we are expecting!!) I can't help but think of all the things that just aren't 'worth it' anymore. When you become a mom (from the second you realize you are with child) things change and so many of the things that once used to matter - just suddenly don't. You grow up, you really do.

It has been easy for me but difficult at the same time. I have basically created a new rule - 'Save the drama for your mamma'. Oh wait, I can't really take credit for it but what I guess I am meaning to say is people really just need to realize growing up is OK! 

I just feel like the dramatics and selfish antics of people have no place in my life anymore. Granted my tolerance is almost at zero these days but seriously, why do people sweat the small stuff? And why do people assume it's all about them? 

I guess the moral of my rant today is - remember others when you speak and act. It's not just about you. You will always find someone who has it worse than you and, most importantly, it's all relative. 

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