Monday, February 21, 2011

The Do's and Dont's of Facebook

Ah Facebook - how I hate to love thee! Let's face it, it seems like everyone including your grandma is on right? Right! It's almost unreal how many people are on and sharing the ins and outs of their lives. Well I am on quite a bit for work so I see many, many posts and some really are just astounding. I have studied Facebook (FB) for business purposes but it doesn't seem like there is a guidebook for all the people out there sharing naked pics of their kids...

Alas!! Read on my Facebookies...hope this teaches us all a thing or two!

Don't: air out your dirty laundry on FB. The fight you just had with your best friend should not be placed on your wall for all to see. The fact that your boyfriend/girlfriend is a scumbag because he/she slept with your mom/dad is not cool to place on your wall. Sure, people will laugh hysterically but only AT you and not with you.
Do: tell the world to be careful if you just found out that your childhood bestie is now certifiably insane and is off stealing people's children - that stuff people should know!

Don't: complain about your job on FB especially if you are friends with co-workers or best yet - your boss! Eventually someone will read the bs you have been talking and spill the beans - not cool and pretty embarrassing.
Do: just keep work out of your posts for the most part. Anything positive is great - that's it. If you're pissed at someone you work with, wait till you leave and have a vent session with your pal.

Don't: Put up pictures of your uber cute naked kids. I get that your friends love to see it and I can admit - I get a chuckle out of them but the fact is that there are pedophiles on FB just waiting for someone to post pics like these! Not to mention the pics you post are FB's property too - anyone working there can see them not just your friends.
Do: post cutesy pics of family and friends for all to see - just keep your top on.

Don't: take Myspace like profile pics in the grossest place in your house - the bathroom! Come on now people - do you not own another mirror anywhere else? Like who wants to see your toilet and the fact that you have a mildew problem in your shower? Gross! Seriously - find another mirror.

Lastly - Facebook is not Glamourshots aren't going to be found with your 1285 face shots of you making all of 3 different faces. I mean really - I may like you and you may be my friend but no one (no one) wants to see 17,000 pictures of your pouty-lipped face. I am sorry but it's true.

And that is it my friends - hope you enjoy Facebook for what it was designed for and follow the do's and dont's above - everyone will thank you :)

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