Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My bachelorette party

My on my party night!
So it is less than two weeks till my wedding day and I am getting really excited! Much, much to my surprise my bachelorette party was this past Saturday night!

I was absolutely shocked and had no idea it was happening this week! I am really happy it was so now I can relax and focus on the rest of the small wedding stuff. Thank you to my MOH and all of my friends/family for being there and for your generosity.

I also want to thank the DJ at the club (which I cannot remember the name of lol) for playing Biggie all night long! It couldn't have been more perfect and it was like he knew! I'm sure one of my ladies had a part in that, so thank you!

The Ladies
As the time ticks away, I get more and more emotional and sappy! I love you all for being there as I know the location wasn't easy for most of you! I love you and see you at the wedding!