Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dolly the PitBull

Dolly's Facebook Profile Pic
Dolly the PitBull has touched the hearts of many people and now she is turning into an 'internet sensation' as reported by WESH.COM in Orlando.

This is the story of a pitbull named Dolly who was adopted and used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring by awful people. She was brought back to the shelter she was adopted from in very, very rough shape but has made a full recovery. She now lives with her human mom, the very same woman who took her back after she was brought in with injuries so horrendous, it was doubtful that Dolly would make it. Dolly is now a registered Canine Good Citizen with the AKC and she is used as a therapy dog. She is a gorgeous dog and I wish that I could meet her someday.

I want everyone who reads this blog to please click through and read her story. It will touch your heart like it did mine. As a proud new owner of a pit mix, I can honestly say that they are one of the best breeds I have ever personally owned. I love them and they love people back, unconditionally.

Please always remember...its NEVER the breed, but always the HUMAN. God bless you sweet little Dolly and may you be an inspiration to everyone!    


  1. She's the cutest thing!! I love the ones with the white faces! What a sweetie!! So good to hear too that she's a canine good citizen!!