Monday, August 30, 2010

Bags of now...very ladylike

Mulberry Neely Shoulder Bag
Some of you may think of your grandmother's purse that's now stuffed under your mom's bed when you think of ladylike - well that's exactly the trend my ladies. This prim and proper look is no longer a style of yesteryear as it has moved it's way into the hands of celebrity after celebrity. These bags have clean lines, traditional shapes, and not a lot of buckles, zips or chains.

Miu Miu Pinched Ruched Bag

I raided my mom's closet recently and found a vintage Chanel inspired black ladylike bag that I cannot wait to wear! The Mulberry shoulder bag to the left is a perfect inspiration but will cost you a cool $995. The Miu Miu Ruched bag comes in at a staggering $1695 but is also a great inspiration piece.

If you want these great looks for a lot less I suggest you visit a new fav of mine: Shop Suey Boutique! All of their bags and accessories are designer and celebrity inspired and you can find similar looks to the ones highlighted here for around $50-$75!!

I can get you a coupon for %20 off, just follow me and I will send away!!!

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