Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shoes from Kim Kardashian for less than $40 a month?

Hello all,

So for my first blog I figured I would write about something that's pretty amazing. I know that this is still hush hush to some people but I am letting the cat out of the bag here...

Imagine designer inspired items for your feeties at $39.95 a pair and you have your choice of one pair of shoes that are picked out for you by your very own set of shoe stylists every month...well imagine no more. This was put together by the fabulous Kim Kardashian so you know these shoes are going to be trendy and not "last season". So it's a membership to an ultra fashionable budget friendly designer style shoe shop.

Now what happens when you don't have the extra cash that month or you don't like any of the selections (let me tell you that's a rare occurrence)? Just skip that month. "No way, what's the catch?" you ask? There is none.

Find out for yourself at shipping too!

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