Monday, December 7, 2009

I will rant about Best Buy and GeekSquad

Unfortunately this is not a rave blog. We have a plasma TV and it broke. It was under the one year manufacturer's warranty and its now going on 3 weeks waiting for them to come out and fix it because apparently Panasonic takes forever to mail out the parts. What boggles my mind is why wouldn't you have parts in stock GeekSquad? And why wouldn't you automatically order the part when I called originally and told you how many times the little red light blinked on the TV (apparently according to Panasonic, the number of times the red light blinks determines what broke on the TV)? Also, no matter who you talk to, they have a different story to give you and never seem to know what the previous agent was talking about in their notes.

Anywho, I would suggest not going with Best Buy if you are planning on making a major purchase. My first computer was purchased at Best Buy and that was just a joke. The thing broke within 8 months and they were extremely unhelpful and took forever and a year to fix it after I had to fight with them that it should still be covered under warranty after they tried charging me an arm and a leg.

Besides their good deals, I don't know if the hassle is worth the savings...rant over.

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