Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Harem Pants...to wear or not to wear...

So the Harem pant made its way into the fashion scene earlier this year but the trend is still being seen on many women, celeb and non celeb alike. For those of you boggled by what a Harem pant is, think MC Hammer meets Project Runway.

They are hot right now and in a lot of trendy stores and boutiques but I need to send out a few warnings and tips to all my fellow fashionistas.

1. Color - choose a dark color. You cannot go wrong with black. The pant is daring enough so you don't want to risk looking like you are waiting in line for your shot at the remake of 'Can't Touch This'.

2. Length - choose the longest length you can wear. Unless you are Kate Moss and 6"1' chances are the cropped version of this pant will cut you off at the wrong place.

3. The top - choose a slimmer top because these pants are so full you don't want an all over baggy look. A simple tight T or tank will work or a form fitting blouse/blazer.
4. Shoes - choose shoes that match the color of the Harem pant. I know color on your feet is in right now but just not for this pant. Booties work best as it keeps the line invisible and elongates the leg.
Overall I like this daring look. Try adding a nice fedora and/or some pearl-and-chain necklaces. If you are daring enough to try it, send me a pic! Work it!
ps. you can purchase the pair above at Forever21, less than $30!

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