Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fall/Winter Fashion Trends 2009/2010

The skies are gray and the ground is covered with this slippery white substance. Oh right, it's winter and the cold snowy weather is back. Some of you fashionistas may have never touched the stuff, but trust me it's real. Being able to see my breath outside reminded me that it may be time to visit the fashion trends for this season. I'm a little late but I've been busy.

No matter where you look and where you go you will see some of these trends and some that I will not mention because I personally would not recommend them even to my arch nemesis.

I will start in no specific order, well I'll start with one of my favorites actually.

Over the Knee Boots - these boots have made a serious in your face come back and are quite the fashion statement. They can be worn several different ways and even to the office. The most popular style you will see is the flat boot. The flat over the knee boot is what you should purchase if you are weary on this trend and pair them with leggings and a chunky knit sweater or knit minidress. You can even wear these to the office if you keep the top half slightly conservative. Also try to match the color of your boots with your leggings if your shy, if not then have at it; black boots with purple leggings and a gray or black chunky knit sweater - love it! If you are really daring, take a look at the heeled over the knee boot. You've got to have some attitude power to wear these but stick with dark colors and dark leggings because you don't want to look too Cat Woman like.
Peaked Shoulders - I truly never thought I would see this trend. It is after all practically the reinvented shoulder pad! Looking past my shoulder pad nightmare, I actually like this look. I will say that if done well it can be a smart fashion forward look. Stick with dark colors though but add some sparkle and accessories to complete the look. Although I do like this look, you will not see me in it. I am have pretty broad shoulders so I don't love this look on my but if you are have smaller or more narrow shoulders then I say go for it!

Chains - Chain links have been stylish since Chanel introduced it on their famous handbags but they have really come mainstream and can be seen everywhere from around your neck to your shoes. Jessica Simpson has a few great neck pieces that I love. I love the chain and pearl necklace look and you can find a great piece for around $15 at Target. If you are a crafty fashionista and don't mind visiting your local hardware store, then pick up some chain link and attach it to a favorite purse for a new look! You can do the same and then swing to your craft store and grab some items to make a necklace too. Careful not to go overboard, one or two chain pieces at a time.

Color - Remember the first time you picked up a highlighter and how much you loved how bright the color? Well think highlighter colors this season. You might be a little scared right now so if you don't want to wear a bright sweater with leggings and boots or skinny jeans and stilettos, then maybe just a scarf/glove/hat combo in a bright pink, yellow, or green. And if you have a little more guts, try a pair of bright blue stilettos or booties with an all black look. Don't be afraid, color accentuates and when the color is bright and not subdued, it won't interfere with your complexion. ie Olive green doesn't always look fabulous on women who are olive toned.

Leather - This look is all over the place from the red carpet to Walmart. The easiest way to wear the season's hottest leather look is to pair a cropped leather jacket or blazer with a mini dress for a night out or anything else really. Chose any color for a jacket but stick to black for bottoms. Leather pencil skirts and trousers are hot too, just pick one item of clothing that will be leather, too much of one look doesn't work. Remember the Brittney and Justin all denim look? Enough said.

Sparkle - Arguably the hottest look this season, the long sleeve sequined mini dress. I looks great in black with a touch of color on your soles. Blouses, tanks, and cardigans are all being adorned with the glittery stuff so get your hands on some and wear the cardigan over a silk blouse and trousers to the office, and the tank with skinny's for a night out. You can't go wrong with adding some sparkle to your life so why not start with your wardrobe?

Plaid - If you just mentally ran to your dad's closet and shrieked at the sight of his flannel shirts, have no fear. That is not the plaid of this season! Think fitted and cropped with jeans or longer with a fun belt and leggings. I love the new GAP ad for plaid and you can find a ton of fun plaid tops at your local Forever 21.

So now that all of you shoppers are ready to go and stock your closets with the latest items remember, be a little daring, don't wear all the trends at once, and be thrifty!! You don't have to spend a fortune to look like a fortune ;)

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